16.10.14 Ancillary Family Accommodation

Ancillary Family Accommodation

(See also sections 16.10.12 and 16.10.13)

Ancillary family accommodation refers to an extension of a single dwelling unit to accommodate an immediate family member for a temporary period (e.g. elderly parent) or where an immediate relative with a disability or illness may need to live in close proximity to their family.

Generally, the purpose of ancillary family accommodation is to provide an amenable living area offering privacy, manoeuvrability and accessibility directly connected to the main dwelling. Usually, there is no exterior difference in appearance between an extension and ancillary family accommodation.

Dublin City Council will, in principle, favourably consider applications for such sub-division provided the planning authority is satisfied that: ­

  • A valid case is made, including details of the relationship between the occupant(s) of the main dwelling house and the proposed occupant(s) of the ancillary family accommodation ­
  • The proposed accommodation is not a separate detached dwelling unit, and direct access is provided to the rest of the house
  • The accommodation being integral with the original family house shall remain as such when no longer occupied by a member of the family.