16.10.9 Corner/Side Garden Sites

Corner/Side Garden Sites

The development of a dwelling or dwellings in the side garden of an existing house is a means of making the most efficient use of serviced residential lands. Such developments, when undertaken on suitable sites and to a high standard of design, can constitute valuable additions to the residential building stock of an area and will generally be allowed for by the planning authority on suitable large sites.

However, some corner/side gardens are restricted to the extent that they would be more suitable for extending an existing home into a larger family home rather than to create a poor quality independent dwelling, which may also compromise the quality of the original house.

The planning authority will have regard to the following criteria in assessing proposals for the development of corner/side garden sites: ­

  • The character of the street ­
  • Compatibility of design and scale with adjoining dwellings, paying attention to the established building line, proportion, heights, parapet levels and materials of adjoining buildings ­
  • Impact on the residential amenities of adjoining sites ­
  • Open space standards and refuse standards for both existing and proposed dwellings ­
  • The provision of appropriate car parking facilities, and a safe means of access to and egress from the site ­
  • The provision of landscaping and boundary treatments which are in keeping with other properties in the area ­
  • The maintenance of the front and side building lines, where appropriate.