16.24.2 Shopfronts

Shopfronts are one of the most important elements in defining the character, quality, and image of the streets in both the city centre and our urban villages/radial streets.

Dublin City Council seeks to protect and retain traditional and original shopfronts and to encourage new and contemporary shopfronts that are well designed. This will protect local character and foster vibrant and successful retail centres. There should be a regular change and rhythm to shopfronts to create visual interest, preferably a new shopfront, or a change to the design of a long shopfront, every 5-8 m.

New shopfronts or alterations to existing shopfronts should:

1. Relate satisfactorily to the design, proportions, materials and detail of the upper parts of the building

2. Complement their context and the quality and character of adjoining shopfronts, especially where these form part of a consistent group of traditional shopfronts

3. Wherever possible, be accessible to all and provide a level threshold to the entrance

4. Re-instate missing architectural detail, where appropriate

5. Not harm or obscure original architectural detail such as corbels, console brackets, fascias, pilasters and stallrisers, or involve the removal of existing shopfronts of historic or architectural interest

6. Not involve the installation of solid or perforated external shutters

7. Not be entirely or largely openable 8. Be of good quality contemporary design, where appropriate.

Shopfront signage should:

1. Be located at fascia level

2. In the case of shop blinds, comprise traditional retractable canvas awnings.