Appendix 2: Customer Complaints Procedure

We try to always deal with our customers in an efficient, effective, prompt and courteous way. However, sometimes you may not be satisfied with the quality of service you receive.

There is a difference between making a complaint and reporting a fault. For example, reporting a pothole is reporting a fault. It only becomes a complaint if whatever action was promised by us does not materialise.

If that is the case, we encourage you to try and sort out any problem at local level. This is usually the quickest way to resolve a problem. Simply contact the staff member or section concerned, explain the situation to them and ask them to deal with it.

If this approach fails to solve the problem, you may lodge a formal complaint.

You can make a formal complaint in the following ways:

  • Online using the online customer complaint form on our web-site
  • By letter, official complaint form, email or phone to:

Customer Services Manager

Customer Services Centre

Civic Offices

Wood Quay

Dublin 8

Tel: 01 222 2222

e-mail: [email protected]

Our official complaint form is available from Council Offices, libraries or our website

  • In person at any of our offices or libraries

We will place your complaint on the complaints register and send a formal acknowledgement to you within three working days. Your complaint will then go to the relevant Complaints Officer who will investigate it and respond to you within 15 working days.

If you are not satisfied with the response, you may appeal the decision to the Executive Manager of the relevant Department within 15 working days of receiving the response from the Complaints Officer. The Executive Manager will examine the complaint and the response you received and make a decision on the appeal within 15 working days.

If you are still not satisfied, you may appeal the decision to the Office of the Ombudsman. This office is completely independent of Dublin City Council.

Office of the Ombudsman

Lower Leeson Street

Dublin 2

Lo-call: 1890 223030

Tel: 01 6395600

e-mail: [email protected]


Please note: The City Council’s Customer Complaints Procedure does not apply to decisions of the City Council where there is a statutory appeals process nor does it interfere with your rights under the Freedom of Information Acts.