14.8.1 Sustainable Residential Neighbourhoods – Zone Z1

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z1:

To protect, provide and improve residential amenities.

The vision for residential development in the city is one where a wide range of accommodation is available within sustainable communities where residents are within easy reach of services, open space and facilities such as shops, education, leisure, community facilities and amenities, on foot and by public transport and where adequate public transport provides good access to employment, the city centre and the key district centres.

The policy chapters, especially Chapters 5 – Quality Housing, and 12 – Sustainable Communities and Neighbourhoods, detailing the policies and objectives for residential development, making good neighbourhoods and standards respectively, should be consulted to inform any proposed residential development (see Chapter 16, Section 16.10 – Standards for Residential Accommodation).

In both new and established residential areas, there will be a range of uses that have the potential to foster the development of new residential communities. These are uses that benefit from a close relationship with the immediate community and have high standards of amenity, such as convenience shopping, crèches, schools, nursing homes, open space, recreation and amenity uses.

14.8.1 Table