14.8.13 Strategic Development and Regeneration Areas – Zone Z14

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z14:

To seek the social, economic and physical development and/or rejuvenation of an area with mixed use, of which residential and ‘Z6’ would be the predominant uses.

These are areas, including large-scale public housing areas, where proposals for comprehensive development or redevelopment have been, or are in the process of being prepared. These areas also have the capacity for a substantial amount of development in developing areas in the inner and outer city. A number of the Z14 areas relate to important public housing regeneration areas and in the case of each, a number of development principles to guide the development of each area have been identified. These development principles are set out in the guiding principles for strategic development and regeneration areas (SDRAs) (see Chapter 15 – Strategic Development and Regeneration Areas).

It should be noted that not all of the identified strategic development and regeneration areas are zoned Z14 in their entirety. Ballymun has different zoning objectives and uses; the relevant zoning objective for each area shall be applied to any development proposals.

Z14 areas are capable of accommodating significant mixed-use development; therefore, developments must include proposals for additional physical and social infrastructure/facilities to support same.

The following areas have been identified as Strategic Development and Regeneration Areas in the plan:

14.8.13 Table1
14.8.13 Table2
14.8.13 Table3

In the case of Z14 lands that are identified for key district centres, all uses identified as permissible uses and open for consideration uses on zoning Z4 lands will be considered.