14.8.8 Georgian Conservation Areas – Zone Z8

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z8:

To protect the existing architectural and civic design character, and to allow only for limited expansion consistent with the conservation objective.

Lands zoned Z8 incorporate the main conservation areas in the city, primarily the Georgian Squares and streets. The aim is to protect the architectural character/design and overall setting of such areas. A range of uses is permitted in such zones, as the aim is to maintain and enhance these areas as active residential streets and squares during the day and at night-time. Offices may be permitted where they do not impact negatively on the architectural character and setting of the area and do not result in an over-concentration of offices. In the south Georgian core where residential levels are low, it is the aim to encourage more residential use in the area.

Chapter 11 – Built Heritage and Culture, and Chapter 16 – Development Standards, should be consulted to inform any proposed development, as these detail policies/ objectives for conservation and heritage and also set out standards.

14.8.8 Table 1