14.8.3 Neighbourhood Centres – Zone Z3

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z3:

To provide for and improve neighbourhood facilities.

These are areas that provide local facilities such as small convenience shops, hairdressers, hardware etc. within a residential neighbourhood and range from the traditional parade of shops to neighbourhood centres. They may be anchored by a supermarket type development of between 1,000 sqm and 2,500 sqm of net retail floorspace. They can form a focal point for a neighbourhood and provide a limited range of services to the local population within 5 minutes walking distance. Neighbourhood centres provide an essential and sustainable amenity for residential areas and it is important that they should be maintained and strengthened, where necessary. Neighbourhood centres may include an element of housing, particularly at higher densities, and above ground floor level. When opportunities arise, accessibility should be enhanced.

14.8.3 table