14.8.10 Inner Suburban and Inner City Sustainable Mixed Uses – Zone Z10

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z10:

To consolidate and facilitate the development of inner city and inner suburban sites for mixed uses, with residential the predominant use in suburban locations, and office/retail/residential the predominant uses in inner city areas.

The primary uses in this zone are residential, office and retail. An appropriate mix of uses for any given site will be influenced by site location and other planning policies applicable to the associated area. A range of smaller uses will also be facilitated. The concept of mixed-use is central to the development or re-development of these sites and mono uses, either all residential or all employment/office use shall not generally be permitted.

Lands zoned Z10 will cater for a relatively intensive form of development, and the range of uses permitted will be similar to Z5 but not as intensive or wide-ranging, reflecting the location of the sites and interactions with surrounding established land-uses. Accessibility may be an issue in the development of Z10 lands, and where significant numbers of employment and or residents are envisaged, a travel plan will be required.

14.8.10 Table