14.8.11 Waterways Protection – Zone Z11

Land-Use Zoning Objective Z11:

To protect and improve canal, coastal and river amenities.

These areas generally include all the waterways and waterbodies in the Dublin City Council area. The purpose of the zoning is to protect the amenity of these areas including views and prospects into/out of the areas (see Chapter 9, Sections 9.5.4 – Surface water drainage and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) and also Chapter 10, Sections 10.5.4 – Rivers canals and the coastline, Dublin Bay, and Biodiversity). The coast, canals, and rivers have a role in contributing to the development of a strategic green network. The chapters detailing the policies and objectives for landscape, biodiversity, open space/recreation and standards respectively, should be consulted to inform any proposed development (see Chapters 10 and 16).

14.8.11 Table