Bridges of Dublin

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Building Bridges - Everything you ever wanted to know about Dublin’s bridges

Have you ever wondered how many bridges cross the River Liffey or which one is the oldest? Well, wonder no more, answers to these questions and many more can be found on the Dublin City Council’s new website

Bridges of Dublin was designed to showcase Dublin’s unique bridge infrastructure.  The site provides a range of information running to over 90,000 words covering the history, design, engineering statistics and interesting facts for each of the current 23 bridges.  A spectacular digital archive contains more than 900 photos from the historical to the modern, some of which have never be seen on public display. Sources include the Dublin City Library & Archive, National Gallery, National Library of Ireland, Dublin Port, Fáilte Ireland and the Guiness Archive.


Photo of O’Connell Bridge (c. 1905) Courtesy of The National Library of Ireland

Photo of O’Connell Bridge (c. 1905)  Courtesy of The National Library of Ireland
As the completion of the Liffey’s 24th bridge, the Rosie Hackett, approaches the new website provides an opportunity for all to learn about our rich bridge heritage from the oldest, Mellows Bridge built in 1688, to the more recently constructed Samuel Beckett, built in 2009.
The website won an award for Best Government and Local Government website at the recent Web Awards 2013.
Interesting facts

  • The force on the back cables of the Samuel Beckett Bridge is equivalent to a people load of over 80,000 - a Croke Park full house.
  • Island Bridge was originally named Sarah Bridge for Sarah Fane, Countess of Westmorland.
  • The keystones on the centre arches of O'Connell Bridge represent Anna Liffey looking westwards and the Atlantic gazing eastwards towards the sea. 

Bridges of Dublin - Facts & Figures