Customer Charter

Our commitment to you

To deliver the best possible service to you in an effective and respectful manner

Courtesy and Consideration

You are at all times entitled to be served:

  • promptly and in a courteous manner
  • with due regard to privacy and confidentiality
  • by friendly and helpful staff

Openness and Impartiality

We will:

  • deal with you in a fair and open manner
  • discuss any aspect of your dealings with us
  • explain how a decision was reached
  • give you the information you need in a clear and easily understandable way
  • hold your personal details safely and securely, in line with our data commitments
  • give the name and contact details of the person dealing with your query
  • publicise our complaints procedure so you are aware of what to do if you are dissatisfied with the quality of service you receive

Quality and Choice

We will:

  • deal with your query at your first point of contact whenever possible
  • make our services available though a range of channels so that you can access our services how, when and where it is convenient for you
  • provide customer facilities that are safe, clean and accessible to all
  • accommodate our customers who wish to conduct their business through Irish, sign language or other languages where possible

Our Performance

We will:

  • monitor and evaluate our performance
  • continue to improve the development and delivery of our services to meet your needs
  • train our staff to meet your needs on an ongoing basis

What we ask of you

In order to help staff to keep our commitments, we ask that you:

  • treat staff in a courteous, civil and fair manner in all your dealings with us
  • have patience with us at peak times when available staff are busy
  • give us feedback by making comments, complaints or suggestions about the service you receive and letting us know when we do something well
  • provide full, accurate and up-to-date information