SDRA 13 Dolphin House

Dolphin Estate (Dolphin House and Park) is a large local authority flat complex (comprising 436 flats including 44 senior citizen flats) on circa 7.5 hectares of land in the south-west inner city. Regeneration proposals for this area include part demolition, refurbishment and new build, in order to achieve a greater mix of uses and residential tenure diversity and unit mix.

Phase 1 of this regeneration process was approved by the City Council in October 2014. The scheme provides for the demolition of two blocks and the development of a total of 100 new dwelling units (including new houses, new apartments and amalgamated/refurbished units within three existing blocks), with buildings ranging between 1 to 4 storeys in height. It is hoped that this development, which addresses a number of blocks in the south-east corner of the estate fronting on to the Grand Canal, will go on site in 2016 and will act as a pilot programme that can be replicated for the remaining blocks fronting on to the canal.

The guiding principles for regenerating the area are set out below: ­

  • The regeneration of the Dolphin Housing Estate to provide an attractive and sustainable residential community, alongside appropriate community, commercial and leisure facilities ­
  • The development of a vibrant mixed-use element with high-quality streetscape will be promoted to consolidate the southern end of Dolphin’s Barn and to promote the reinvigoration of Dolphin’s Barn village centre ­
  • The heritage, tourism and recreational opportunities of the Grand Canal will be promoted as a key feature for the site and for Dolphin’s Barn ­
  • Permeability will be promoted through the site to encourage active streets and connections to the adjoining neighbourhood, in particular pedestrian and cyclist routes; east-to-west connections from Dolphin’s Barn towards Herberton Road and northto-south connections from the South Circular Road to the Grand Canal will be encouraged; the feasibility of a new pedestrian crossing point over the Grand Canal to connect with Dolphin Road will be explored ­
  • The provision of new senior citizen housing to replace the existing Dolphin Park is supported ­
  • The development of synergies with other regeneration areas in close proximity will be promoted for co-ordination in the provision of new facilities; new parks, recreation and community facilities will be promoted as features accessible to the wider neighbourhood for inclusion and integration of the site with the adjoining area. Fig.33