The North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme 2014

Dublin City Council successfully prepared and adopted a SDZ Scheme for the Docklands area of North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock in 2013. The Scheme was passed in May 2014, following appeal by An Bord Pleanála. The SDZ sets out a holistic template of development for the vacant 22 hectares within the 66 hectares designated as SDZ. It provides for a sustainable highquality new quarter in the city, facilitating development of up to 366,000 sq. m of commercial development and up to 2,600 new dwellings, providing up to 23,000 new jobs and a new population of 5,800.

The scheme also sets a template for new infrastructure such as bridges and drainage, parks and public spaces, and the upgrading of the campshires and animation of the river and canal basins. Within the scheme, the development area is divided into a series of 20 blocks and for each block objectives are prescribed in relation to a detailed use mix, heights, building lines, and the location of new lanes, streets and open spaces. A key element of the structuring principles of the scheme is the shaping of five hubs within the area at Grand Canal Square, Boland’s Mills, Britain Quay, Spencer Dock and Point Square. These hubs build on the existing success of Docklands as a centre of ICT, innovation, finance and create the attractive high-quality spaces to expand and develop these sectors.

Since the SDZ was put in place, Dublin City Council has commenced a number of studies to complement the scheme, including the Public Realm Strategy for the area, a community audit, education needs review and a heritage strategy. Detailed plans for a new park in Grand Canal Dock have also been prepared. The process of design has commenced for two new bridges within the Scheme. The Council is committed to investing in new projects and upgraded public realm across the SDZ area. Since the scheme was put in place, five major planning applications have been lodged involving a large mix of commercial, residential, public plazas, community/arts spaces and the restoration of protected structures. The Council will continue to work with all stakeholders in the Docklands area to ensure the successful delivery of the SDZ in relation to both public and private investment.