16.10.10 Infill Housing

Infill Housing

Having regard to policy on infill sites and to make the most sustainable use of land and existing urban infrastructure, the planning authority will allow for the development of infill housing on appropriate sites. In general, infill housing should comply with all relevant development plan standards for residential development; however, in certain limited circumstances, the planning authority may relax the normal planning standards in the interest of ensuring that vacant, derelict and under-utilised land in the inner and outer city is developed.

Infill housing should: ­

  • Have regard to the existing character of the street by paying attention to the established building line, proportion, heights, parapet levels and materials of surrounding buildings ­
  • Comply with the appropriate minimum habitable room sizes ­
  • Have a safe means of access to and egress from the site which does not result in the creation of a traffic hazard.