16.10.13 Sub-division of Dwellings

Sub-division of Dwellings

(See also section 16.10.10 and 16.10.14)

Large areas of suburban residential development in Dublin City have retained a pattern of use as single family dwelling units. The sub-division of large dwelling houses may be permitted in highly accessible areas to provide for the demographic changes in the city, subject to the residential amenity standards set out in Chapter 16, including minimum floor space, etc. This may involve the sub-division of such dwellings into individual distinct units on each floor.

Where sub-division is being considered, factors such as the extent of open space within the site boundaries, landscaping schemes including the retention and planting of trees, the provision of on-site parking, the retention of existing railings and gates, and screened refuse storage areas will be evaluated as part of the assessment.

When sub-divisions are allowed, they should be compatible with the architectural character of the building. An appropriate mix of accommodation in particular areas will be determined by Dublin City Council, taking account of the mix of residential accommodation in an area. Dublin City Council may accept parking provision of less than one space per dwelling unit to encourage occupation of the dwellings by households owning fewer cars.